Beautiful Bella giggling during a child photography session

Actor Frame

Suzy Kabbe models for some creative photography during her portfolio shoot.

James & Colella

Cousins having fun at the beach during a family photography session!

Marco Assante

Comedian Marco Assante captured in a still shot while filming a movie.

Harbor Boats

Boats in the Oahu Harbor - Oahu, Hawaii.

David & Daisy

Daisy and David sharing a moment during their engagement photo session.


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Creative Photography

There are endless opportunities to take creative photos. In fact every photo you take becomes a creative opportunity.  A way to put your spin on what people see.

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Why Mint Exposure?

We are a photography business that consists of a team of two outgoing people. We as photographers work together to bring your vision into reality.

When you're looking for a quality photographer for Headshots, your Wedding or Family photos, we will listen to your needs and work together to get the pictures we will both be proud of.

Mint Exposure is here to offer you a wide range of services in a fun environment for all.

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