About Mint Exposure

Mint Exposure is here to offer you a wide range of services in a fun environment for you and us.

We are a photography business that consists of a team of two people. In most situations we work together to bring both of our creative aspects and knowledge to the shoot. We each have a set of different eyes and can see things from two different perspectives. Which makes for a more unique vision. The great thing about having two photographers is that you get pictures from angles that you wouldn’t expect. Almost a double perspective. One camera can be working on posed shots while the other is doing candids. Or one camera can be capturing guests while the other is doing creative shots of the location or focusing on the parties hosts. The benefit of having two above all is that you get so much more visually. More creativity, more perspective, more talent, more coverage, creating more possibilities and more pictures for you to love. More bang for your buck and more picture options.

At all events we show up in appropriate attire, with a smile on our face ready to change the way you look at things.  Often times guests don’t want to get their pictures taken but we have creative ways to help them lighten up and get beautiful shots we need.

The result is beautiful work done right.  Beautiful work that you will get to enjoy for a lifetime.


Carrie Brown

carrie photographerI have lived in many cities around the USA including Chicago and NYC, and have traveled to many beautiful locations of the world. I moved to Los Angeles 11 years ago and have loved every minute of it. I am a creative person who has been involved in the arts since I was a small child. I attended school for art and design. 5 years ago I was given a professional camera as a gift and began my love affair with the lens. I now have found a passion for capturing nature, people, places and the world around me. For me it’s so fun capturing people enjoying their lives and the people around them creating memories. There are so many ways to show beauty in things we enjoy everyday that are all around us. There is always gratification at the end of each project. Knowing that you have captured something wonderful for each client is priceless. Making people happy is an amazing trophy.


John Maurice

John camera cameraOriginally from the Northeast, I attended Berklee school of Music. I moved to Los Angeles from NYC 3 years ago. I developed my own web-based business while living in NYC and became interested in photography at that time. I began taking product photography and editing to help my business grow and I have been expanding my horizons ever since. After meeting Carrie and realizing how fun it was to work as a team we decided to start Mint Exposure as a way to enjoy our hobby as a lifestyle. I have found so much enjoyment in taking my creativity to new heights and increasing my awareness of the world through art.