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Creative Photography

Posted on October 8, 2012 by Carrie Brown

woman posing ivy eventThere are endless opportunities to take creative photos. In fact every photo you take becomes a creative opportunity - a way to put your spin on what people see.  The hardest part of shooting Creative photography is getting the lighting just right.  When shooting outside, the lighting is best in the early to mid morning and a second choice would be late afternoon. You do not want to shoot outside when the sun is straight on.  The sun beating straight down not only poses lighting issues but also poses exhausting your subject. The summer heat beating down on them and making their makeup run is not ideal.  

The second hardest thing during your shoot is getting your subject to relax.  Pictured here is Suzy relaxing on some vintage wooden patio furniture.  As you can see here the gorgeous green ivy in the background makes her pop off the picture.  This photo was taken near the end of our shoot and Suzy is very relaxed by this time.  Getting your model to relax just takes a little time so they can ease into it and feel comfortable.  A creative shoot does not have to involve a living subject but when it does these things are good to keep in mind.  The more you prepare the easier the shoot becomes!