Hobby & Enthusiast Photos

Mint Exposure can help any enthusiast's love for their favorite hobby shine. Photographing your collection takes your passion to the next level. Whether it’s classic cars, animals, vintage jewelry, a historical place, or even a room dedicated to your special interest, whatever that may be. We can help you show the enjoyment your special hobby brings to your life.

We are here to help bring a creative light to whatever your passion is and display it through imagery that you will be able to enjoy for a lifetime. Hobby or Enthusiast Photography can be shot on location or a desired location of interest. A location can help describe the love for your hobby.  Whether it be Classic cars, Horse Racing, Boating, Deep sea fishing, the possibilities are endless.

Everyone has something they love. What a great way to express your undying connection. Let Mint Exposure Photography take your hobby to the next level. Photographing a loved one's item is a great way to surprise them with a gift that will love for all time! We can turn your Hobby Photos into any gift you are looking for.


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